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Running or Leaving for a Better Opportunity

I have been thinking about moving to another state which I am excited to do, however, I have had some friends tell me that I am running. I have been thinking about the opportunity for a while, but I have been trying to make it where I’m at now in South Carolina. But I feel stuck and I feel that I’m not advancing myself here. I have had so many negative experience here that one person probably cannot imagine. But I honestly don’t care what they think. Finding an new opportunities and taking risk isn’t running. Running to me is always staying where you at in life and never trying because you’re always running for the opportunity when it presents itself in front of you over and over. I got to take a chance and see to better myself and show my daughter, she can make it anywhere like her mom. Just my thought never holds your dreams back go for them stop falling on backup plans. First Try.


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