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You’re Worth Your Desires

Our sole purpose is to love and be together forever. We are created to love one another. We were not created to lust after everything we see, lie to mislead others, and cause chaos that causes permanent scars. Just like the snake in the garden of Eden we are tempted about the unknown. And it only leads us to our own downfalls. We already know the warnings of temptation and we see the red flags. But, we will still pursue someone or something that will cause our harm which will lead to our own disappointment. So get someone that has a plan with you and shows you everyday that you matter in that plan. Do not settle for a man or woman that doesn’t have sense enough to know you are great the way you are and show you any interest until they want to. But someone that shows you they love everything about you because they never want you to forget it. #Reshare

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