My Rant

I wondering are some people even taught manners or do they just stray away from it. Like people must not want to be treated good because they don’t want to it for themselves. Also, what’s sad that them are they are okay with mistreating people. I just can’t believe how people have forgot how to treat others with respect. This the world we live in. But we must do better and actually consider one anothers feelings. You can talk to people responsibly and be considerate of your tone of voice.


I need to start back….

I been thinking about drawing and doing my art again. I have taken a long enough break from it, you know. I just don’t draw like I use to or paint. I been so busy with life, school, work, and being a mom and wife. That I have forgotten about art altogether. I feel like I’m not passionate about it like I was. It was more than my hobby it was my life and gift. Now I just treat art like it’s an old pair of shoes in the back of my closet. I need to tighten up and start creating beautiful masterpieces again.


Having one of those days….

Hello everyone,

I hate when you have one of those days that you ask yourself “Why are you here?”, or “What is really my purpose?“. Some days I wonder because I feel like people or jobs or whatever else you got going on in life is enough. I just get tired of seeing the same things or the same people sometimes. I feel like I am stuck and not going no where in life. What’s really a person purpose to be alive because all I see is marriage, a career, and children. Not much more else you can do in life but those things, unless you travel and see the world. But seems like everyone’s life is just a fixated to be a routine and nothing more. I hate to feel this way but nothing no much more to life but love, your children, and your career. But that’s about it I am having one of those days where I want to know where do I fit into this world.



Step Vs Real Parent

I want to know why some people feel left out when you include them you know. I know some people are in a relationship with someone that has kids that aren’t biologically there’s but why do they feel like they not in parenthood until they get their own. I know it’s might not be nothing against the child but in a way I feel like it kinda is. Kid can’t help how they got here and they were aware before they start dating or married that person. But it could be different with people that don’t have kids themselves I’m not sure. Has anyone else had this problem? I am trying to be understanding but I feel some type of way about this situation.