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Questioning myself

Hello Everyone,

I do not understand why I wake up every morning. I feel like life is in rips. I try to do things 100%,, but yet I feel like my efforts are not enough. I feel like what am I doing here. I am not really happy with myself because everything I try just not going my way in life. My job search seems like a dead-end; I can’t get no one to hire me fast enough, apparently. My marriage IDK what is going on with that. I do not have my license because I am generally scared of driving because I been in some many near wrecks. I just do not know what does life wants from me. I really do not I feel like I am going in circles. Has anyone else ever felt like no matter how hard you try it just not getting nowhere? Then so much negativity and drama around me that it is honestly making me depressed. I should be happy this is my last week of college. I suppose to be graduating next month, and yet I cannot be pleased about that either. My feelings are just sad, really. I hope I cheer up and realize life is not bad, some things are just wrong, not the moment, not forever.


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3D Animation 1

Hey everyone,

I am having a good time taking 3D animation 1. Last week, we were focusing on “slow-in and slow-out” movement and working on animating a ball in an obstacle course. It was fun but too me a few time to get my animation correct. I was having trouble getting my frames to make the ball speed up and slow down. I was not timing my frame per second correctly. But I fix that by going over the movement over and over. I hope I did a good job. I’m still waiting for feedback since my project was two days late 😅😩 (I got to do better lol). But anyway I love the class so far. This week we are creating another movement where the rest of the animation has to catch up with the prior motion. So we will be focusing on an arm and hammer swing with it. I can’t wait to see how work will come our doing that. Full Sail is teaching me fantastic stuff even if it’s challenging at times, but I appreciate the drive it creates in me. 🥰 I love it.

-Regina B.

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You’re Worth Your Desires

Our sole purpose is to love and be together forever. We are created to love one another. We were not created to lust after everything we see, lie to mislead others, and cause chaos that causes permanent scars. Just like the snake in the garden of Eden we are tempted about the unknown. And it only leads us to our own downfalls. We already know the warnings of temptation and we see the red flags. But, we will still pursue someone or something that will cause our harm which will lead to our own disappointment. So get someone that has a plan with you and shows you everyday that you matter in that plan. Do not settle for a man or woman that doesn’t have sense enough to know you are great the way you are and show you any interest until they want to. But someone that shows you they love everything about you because they never want you to forget it. #Reshare

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Don’t Give Up on LOVE

God is love and he created man and woman to love each other. So if you are with someone that shows no actions and that does not know how to love you. Then you should leave. Don’t waste your time teaching them. They’re letting you know they do not want a future with you. Once you are gone they are going to realize that they I should have not take you for granted because no one will compare to you. Don’t give up on love because once it comes you will be so happy and appreciate it. Love yourself first and the rest will follow. You are worthy to be loved and gain the desire of your heart. #Reshare

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Running or Leaving for a Better Opportunity

I have been thinking about moving to another state which I am excited to do, however, I have had some friends tell me that I am running. I have been thinking about the opportunity for a while, but I have been trying to make it where I’m at now in South Carolina. But I feel stuck and I feel that I’m not advancing myself here. I have had so many negative experience here that one person probably cannot imagine. But I honestly don’t care what they think. Finding an new opportunities and taking risk isn’t running. Running to me is always staying where you at in life and never trying because you’re always running for the opportunity when it presents itself in front of you over and over. I got to take a chance and see to better myself and show my daughter, she can make it anywhere like her mom. Just my thought never holds your dreams back go for them stop falling on backup plans. First Try.


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I know it’s been a while

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a long while before I post. Life just got in the way so I’m dealing with it. But I am going to start posting more regularly since I’m back. Nothing new has really happened, but I am thinking about moving for a better opportunity. I heard of this cool school called Full Sail University. I am thinking about going for game art since I love gaming and drawings people and animals. Maybe I will be blowing up in the future. You never know! Anyways, I’m back and thanks for following my blog! 😊😘



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“Hurt Inside” by Me

No one realizes the hate you keep inside

You trick them and dress it up with a smile

You hold your pain like the pain of walking in heels

You want me to shush but my words are real

I’m tired of being that person that hides it all inside

My emotions tear me up like the mess up mini blinds in the window

I am broken and hurting

I can’t go, won’t let go

As Fredrick Douglas broken in mind body and spirit

But my fake happiness won’t allow you to hear

My soul, mind, body screams to your ears

However you can’t comprehend it

You think I’m a weirdo or an outcast 

Just help me give me a purpose

Before I turn about and be lost because I’m not worth it