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Being thinking….

I am trying to see what’s the best way to sell my art. I been drawing since I was a child and have be teaching my self new skills on how to improve my art skill. But I am thinking about is it best to sell online or with an art gallery. But to be honest I want to go in business for myself. I hope I figure something out. I rather work improving my dream instead of someone else’s.


Lifestyle, My thoughts

Life Lesson

I am just learning that we see the signs in life, but the real question is why do we ignore them. I know we aren’t perfect and we aren’t Gods. However, we choose to ignore things because we either be trying to give someone or something the benefit of the doubt. But sometimes the doubts let’s us know early on we should have trusted our gut instinct. I do not know why we as people wait for the bad to happen when we could have avoided it. 

I have been that person to give the benefit of the doubt. I have seen all the negative signs, but I still give something  or someone a chance. And now im looking like for what. Why did I do that for? And guess what!…it turned out just the way I thought! Always right. From now on, if I get one bad vibe I’m am going let it go. I just don’t have time for it. I am a good person and I think I deserve good things in return.

Lifestyle, My thoughts

┬áToday’s Smartphones Ugh :(

I just took some time to watch YouTube reviews on smartphone and I’m noticing that a lot of smartphones today are losing their uniqueness and creativity. I see a lot of phone companies following the models of iPhone. I see they no longer uniqueness. I miss seeing the different style of design from all the companies. However, HTC, Samsung OnePlueOne and a few other companies are following the same design make of the iPhone from the speaker grills, charger design, to the antenna bands. I hope all these different smartphone manufacturers willb soon get there creativity to stand out back again because smartphones nowadays look alike. And to me that’s just boring but I guess you do get the difference in software just a little bit.