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Questioning myself

Hello Everyone,

I do not understand why I wake up every morning. I feel like life is in rips. I try to do things 100%,, but yet I feel like my efforts are not enough. I feel like what am I doing here. I am not really happy with myself because everything I try just not going my way in life. My job search seems like a dead-end; I can’t get no one to hire me fast enough, apparently. My marriage IDK what is going on with that. I do not have my license because I am generally scared of driving because I been in some many near wrecks. I just do not know what does life wants from me. I really do not I feel like I am going in circles. Has anyone else ever felt like no matter how hard you try it just not getting nowhere? Then so much negativity and drama around me that it is honestly making me depressed. I should be happy this is my last week of college. I suppose to be graduating next month, and yet I cannot be pleased about that either. My feelings are just sad, really. I hope I cheer up and realize life is not bad, some things are just wrong, not the moment, not forever.



My Rant

I wondering are some people even taught manners or do they just stray away from it. Like people must not want to be treated good because they don’t want to it for themselves. Also, what’s sad that them are they are okay with mistreating people. I just can’t believe how people have forgot how to treat others with respect. This the world we live in. But we must do better and actually consider one anothers feelings. You can talk to people responsibly and be considerate of your tone of voice.