Light and Value

This week in class we are learning about light and value. I decide to use apples for my project.


What can’t kill me, Can’t stop me

What I learn in this life you are not for everyone. When people don’t know a thing about you they have to make things up about you to feel good about themselves it’s a true shame. But they talk about Jesus too and said he was a witch doctor and a magician never called him a miracle or salvation for their soul. The very one you talk about can be the very one you might need some day. I follow God and his son Jesus so I already know I will also have to carry my cross, will get betrayed, will get lied to, will get sold out, and will be prosecuted for things I have not done. But guess what I have a good heart and I forgive y’all that hate me or think I’m less. But god will bless me and I will still keep it moving. God bless your mind, your soul, and your body with all the hate and jealous you have for no reason against me. Still bless and will stay bless. Just know who not to be around.

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On my 2nd Week of Class

Hi Everyone,

Lol class is getting real on me now. The assignment this week was Industry Growth and Industry Terms. So I am learning a little more about the gaming art industry more. I learn that gaming industry in general has further hope for augmented reality. It a computer generated image that use your existing world. For example, how the Pokémon Go app uses your handheld device enhance reality so you can search for Pokémon your area. Also, some terms I been research is like modeling. It’s the process of sculpting out the character. It looks like my journey in the Game Art business will be great. I can’t wait into next class term I will be learning about 3D fundamentals soon.


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You’re Worth Your Desires

Our sole purpose love and be together forever. We created to love one another. We were not created to lust after everything we see, lie to mislead others, and cause chaos that causes permanent scars. Just like the snake in the garden of Eden we are tempted about the unknown. And it only leads us to our own downfalls. We already know the warnings of temptation and see the red flags but we still pursue and cause our own disappointment. So get someone that has a plan with you and shows you everyday you matter in that plan. No man or woman that don’t got the sense enough to show you no interest until they want to. But someone that shows you love everything because they never want you to forget it. #Reshare

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Don’t Give Up on LOVE

God is love and he create man and woman to love each other. So if you are with someone that has actions that does not know how to love leave don’t waste your time teaching them. They letting you know they do not what a future with you. Once you gone they going they’ll realize I should have not take him or her for granted because no one will compare to you. Don’t give up on love because once it comes you will be so happy and appreciate it. Love you first and the rest will follow. You are worthy to love and gain the desires of your heart. #Reshare