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3D Animation 1

Hey everyone,

I am having a good time taking 3D animation 1. Last week, we were focusing on “slow-in and slow-out” movement and working on animating a ball in an obstacle course. It was fun but too me a few time to get my animation correct. I was having trouble getting my frames to make the ball speed up and slow down. I was not timing my frame per second correctly. But I fix that by going over the movement over and over. I hope I did a good job. I’m still waiting for feedback since my project was two days late 😅😩 (I got to do better lol). But anyway I love the class so far. This week we are creating another movement where the rest of the animation has to catch up with the prior motion. So we will be focusing on an arm and hammer swing with it. I can’t wait to see how work will come our doing that. Full Sail is teaching me fantastic stuff even if it’s challenging at times, but I appreciate the drive it creates in me. 🥰 I love it.

-Regina B.


January 23, 2018

I been thinking a lot lately. I just so tired of feeling like my life is limited. I want to work somewhere but I got to have transportation and have my health be stable. It just got to get better for me. School seems like the only thing I got going for myself. But I’m looking at I’m 27 something has to change. This is not what I expected at 27 years old. I felt like I should own my own art gallery by now, have a whole family, not be living with my parent, actually driving, and more. I know no one cares but somethings are better wrote out of your mind so you do not think about it. #ugggh