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On my 2nd Week of Class

Hi Everyone,

Lol class is getting real on me now. The assignment this week was Industry Growth and Industry Terms. So I am learning a little more about the gaming art industry more. I learn that gaming industry in general has further hope for augmented reality. It a computer generated image that use your existing world. For example, how the Pokémon Go app uses your handheld device enhance reality so you can search for Pokémon your area. Also, some terms I been research is like modeling. It’s the process of sculpting out the character. It looks like my journey in the Game Art business will be great. I can’t wait into next class term I will be learning about 3D fundamentals soon.


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You’re Worth Your Desires

Our sole purpose love and be together forever. We created to love one another. We were not created to lust after everything we see, lie to mislead others, and cause chaos that causes permanent scars. Just like the snake in the garden of Eden we are tempted about the unknown. And it only leads us to our own downfalls. We already know the warnings of temptation and see the red flags but we still pursue and cause our own disappointment. So get someone that has a plan with you and shows you everyday you matter in that plan. No man or woman that don’t got the sense enough to show you no interest until they want to. But someone that shows you love everything because they never want you to forget it. #Reshare

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Don’t Give Up on LOVE

God is love and he create man and woman to love each other. So if you are with someone that has actions that does not know how to love leave don’t waste your time teaching them. They letting you know they do not what a future with you. Once you gone they going they’ll realize I should have not take him or her for granted because no one will compare to you. Don’t give up on love because once it comes you will be so happy and appreciate it. Love you first and the rest will follow. You are worthy to love and gain the desires of your heart. #Reshare


In My 3rd Class at Full Sail

Hey,I know it’s been a while as usual. I am in my third course at Full Sail; I am currently in Technology in Entertainment and Media course. In this course, a student can learn about the technology, networking, and terms about their desired industry. I am studying for the Game Art industry. I been discovering a lot this past week about the gaming industry that I did not know about. I did not know there are plenty game art communities online. You can share your artwork and network with others game artist, which is cool and beneficial. Right now, we are on a Summer Break this week for class. So I just wanted to share what I been doing while I can. Wish me good luck and have a bless day everyone!-Regina


First Playing Fortnite

I like playing Fortnite but I am so bad at it right now lol. But after watching some gameplay on YouTube, I finally understand how to play it now. I am going to see how far I can get. Right now, I am playing on the game on iPad. I am still watching the game a little more than playing it though. I am still learning some tips so I can improve. I am hoping to get better at it.

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Scammer Alert: Jefferey Handy

It’s a man that goes by the name of and he is using the logo of Market Force. He is acting as if he is apart of the company. I report him to the company when I learn he was not using the business email format. He uses these two email and He contacted me from another email on May 14 its kkilo@netscape.comAlso, he sents you an assignment to complete. After you finish the assignment he wants to message the number 768-808-3974. I save myself from a scam. I wanted others to know to be careful of the email you get from business because not all of them are legit. He also does not send the documents and check from his name the name on the package is Benjamin Moore 111 Greentree Rd Marlton, New Jersey 08053.

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June 12, 2018


Everything seems to be going great. I am in my third week of class. I am taking Creative Presentation. It’s teaching us about how to present our ideas in a way the audience won’t be lost or uninterested. So far what I learn about the presentation is actually amazing so far. Some things I never thought about before like creating a clutter of information in your presentation. But, so far its been going well though with class. I got one more week of class than I will be done. Right now, we are pretending to brand ourselves as a company or as a potential employee. So far I am having fun working on my project. I am pretending to be a gaming industry looking for new employees. I am glad we are doing this exercise because it’ll prepare me in the near future.