Online Schooling

Don’t worry it’s not me doing online schooling lol. My daughter is in online classes and also traditional classes which makes her a hybrid student. Based on the work she has been doing in class I see why some of the students are not doing their work. The way they teaching them is the hard way to me but I guess it’s a way to break it down. They do not learn math the straight way like the older generations have. The way they learn is breaking down the hundreds place, the tens place, and ones place. Like for example, 654+497… instead of doing the straight way through by adding anything over 10 buy putting one at the top of the tens or the hundreds place. They are learning to just add just the hundreds together like 600+400= 1000, then they have the tens together 50+90= 140, finally the ones place 4+7 = 11. Then they will add it all together. 1,000+140+11= which gives you 1,151. Lol it’s crazy because the way they taught us just the straight way not this way. What I’m looking at is when they get in the order of operation it’s going take them even longer to figure out the problem. It’s just crazy how something as simple as math has change. What has change in the way you use to learn?


Entry of October 20, 2020

Hey Everyone,

I hope all is well. I know it’s been awhile like usual. I know I haven’t been blogging like I use to. I’ve been so busy with working and my daughter’s crazy online schooling that has been going on with the virus. But I been thinking about trying to be more active with blogging. Lol my life is not total bore …I hope lol. But yeah ,so far, I got a raise at work. It’s not what I expected but I guess it’s good to love the little things in life. Now I am a Lead Dietary Aide. My duties at are to make sure all the patients get their right meals for their nutritional needs, but for short it really just repeating an order to a cook. It’s really simple task. I hate that I will be alternating between night and day shift though. That is what is going to make me weary. But at least I’ll be off for my birthday on the 24th so that’s a blessing. I am hoping this week flies by for me. Some days I love work and some days I wonder why I still there. I’m pretty sure everyone thinks that way sometimes. Well I hope everyone has a good evening just thought I would share what has been going on. Have a bless evening everyone.

-Regina W.


Walking on stings

Tired of smart butt mouth people just because they help you. You can do things yourself and spare yourself from hearing anything out the way. You can be so nice and resepct to people but they can’t show it in return is just so damn dumb. People just don’t know how to treat others. I don’t know is it because they family didn’t teach them any better or they just how they are. I never knew how to treat people mean or do them any kind of way. I am glad I learn what I say can hurt people feelings so it’s best not to say nothing at all if you don’t know how to.


Rant of 10/12/19

I wonder why people are the way they are now a days. You cannot change people and you can’t make them the way you want them to be to accept them. I wonder do people realize that. Yeah I understand everyone is entitled to have an opinion on things but sometimes people two cents just not worth hearing. The tibgs I’m going through lately just mssing with my well being and anxiety. I just want to be happy but people believe they in charge of what should make you happy. Hello that’s my job damnit.