Entry of October 20, 2020

Hey Everyone,

I hope all is well. I know it’s been awhile like usual. I know I haven’t been blogging like I use to. I’ve been so busy with working and my daughter’s crazy online schooling that has been going on with the virus. But I been thinking about trying to be more active with blogging. Lol my life is not total bore …I hope lol. But yeah ,so far, I got a raise at work. It’s not what I expected but I guess it’s good to love the little things in life. Now I am a Lead Dietary Aide. My duties at are to make sure all the patients get their right meals for their nutritional needs, but for short it really just repeating an order to a cook. It’s really simple task. I hate that I will be alternating between night and day shift though. That is what is going to make me weary. But at least I’ll be off for my birthday on the 24th so that’s a blessing. I am hoping this week flies by for me. Some days I love work and some days I wonder why I still there. I’m pretty sure everyone thinks that way sometimes. Well I hope everyone has a good evening just thought I would share what has been going on. Have a bless evening everyone.

-Regina W.

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